Hey there, I'm

Jishnu Vasanth

Software Development Engineer

I'm a pragmatic programmer and a performance optimization enthusiast. I challenge myself to write clean and pixel-perfect code. I have thorough hands-on experience in various layers of web technology. I'm currently working at buildnext, a young vibrant startup. In my spare time, I try to figure out how to exit from Vim and whether to use Tabs over Spaces.


Software Development Engineer


At buildnext, I'm holding responsibilities of a Software Development Engineer(SDE) and a DevOps Engineer. Developed Magento based E-commerce web applications. Elastic(ELK) stack integration. Optimized website performance using Redis and Varnish. Carried out Performance and Load testing using various tools. Optimized logistics module and reduced TTFB. Developed a WordPress website.

June 2016 - Present

Web Developer(Intern)


Front-end and back-end web development. Front-end was developed in Zurb Foundation framework. Back-end was in LAMP stack.

February 2016 - April 2016

Web developer(Intern)

Innointel LLC

IoT based predictive analytics system using NodeJs with mustache templating engine and Express framework. Visualized data using graph database (Neo4J) and D3.js.

July 2015 - October 2015

Web Designer(Intern)


Front-end development using Bootstrap.

January 2015 - February 2015


Programming Languages & Tools
Core Competencies
  • Back-end and front-end web development
  • Relational and non-relational database designing and implementation
  • Performance testing and optimization
  • Real time programming, hybrid cross platform applications (Cordova) and RESTful server-less applications
  • E-commerce web solutions and WordPress development
  • Agile(Kanban) Development and various design patterns including MVC and Singleton
  • Search Engine Optimization



A website created using the concept of page-as-a-component with Django in the backend and react in the frontend. Webpack module bundler was used to build assets. Gunicorn as WSGI server and nginx for serving static content

Scholarship Portal

A scholarship portal where users can log in and see their eligible scholarships. Designed using Java and MySQL.


Home automation system using Raspberry Pi. Programmed using Python and PHP.


An online coding platform for competitive exams. Used Node.js with Express framework for server side programming and MongoDB for creating the database. Docker was used for creating isolated environments for users.


A website for booking tutors online.


Website of a college fest called pantheon.


College of Engineering Trivandrum

Bachelor of Technology
Computer Science and Engineering
2012 - 2016

G V H S S Madappally

Higher Secondary
2009 - 2011